Michael Bates

Michael Bates

Consultant | Tulsa, OK

Mr. Bates is an NPELRA Past President, participates with the OKPELRA Chapter, and is a Past President of the State chapter. Mr. Bates retired from the City of Tulsa in July of 2007 after 34 years of employment with that organization and operates a sole proprietorship, Labor Relations Consulting Services.

Within Labor Relations Consulting Services, Mr. Bates works on behalf of management in various Oklahoma cities and towns primarily as chairperson and advocate within negotiations and arbitration processes. Mr. Bates also provides municipal government related employee training programs, conducts on acts as the part/time HR Director for Muskogee, one of the larger cities in Oklahoma.

As Human Resources Director for the City of Tulsa for over ten years, Mr. Bates directed a full service HR function with up to 52 employees. Prior to obtaining the HR Director position, Mr. Bates served as Employee Relations/Safety Division Manager for approximately 7 years within the City of Tulsa.

Mr. Bates has served as a Trustee for the City of Tulsa’s MERP (Municipal Employee’s Retirement Plan) Board and the Oklahoma State Fire Fighters Pension System for approximately twelve years. He has served on both the Investment and Rules Committees for the Oklahoma Fire Fighter Board and also served as Chairperson of the Tulsa MERP Board.

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